Being an expectant mother for the first time filled me with a few different emotions, excitement but also fear/ anxiety about the unknown . . . especially labour and whether or not I would be ‘able’ to breastfeed. I heard someone talking about hypnobirthing and gentle birth on the radio and loved the sound of what I heard so started to do some research, and discovered doulas. I had never heard of a Doula before, but loved the idea of it – supporting women to have a positive pregnancy and birth. That’s exactly what I wanted.  My husband and I met Tara and had a chat with her asking her about how she might help us prepare for a positive birth and what different strategies/methods she uses to support parents during preparation for and during labour.  Tara’s calm, knowledgeable approach immediately put us at ease and made me feel like she would be a great support to us during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, and she was just that.  Her antenatal classes were so informative and enjoyable and made us really excited for the new arrival. In the weeks before Siún’s birth, she answered all my questions or pointed me in the direction of evidence based information, ensuring that I knew all my options for labour and the pros and cons to each. As a result, I had a really positive first birth experience. Tara was an invaluable support around breastfeeding in the first few months, and having her as a postpartum doula was brilliant. She just made everything easier. Tara, we can’t thank you enough. I think everyone should have a doula. You won’t regret it, and I would highly recommend that you have Tara as yours. 


Me and my partner love retelling our birth story. It was a long but empowering labour – the two-day baby festival, as we now call it. I have been replaying the experience in my head ever since (like most mothers probably do) and I am delighted that it was a positive one. Having Tara there, our doula, gave me incredible confidence, a sense of protection and of deep understanding. The midwifes in the hospital were lovely, but Tara was our own guide, somebody that knew us at a personal level, and to me that was something invaluable. I am SO glad that she was there during this life changing event.


Antenatal Classes

What an incredible class . . . not only just wonderfully planned, thoughtful, and in depth with information and opportunity for reflection. Tara’s class is held in such a soothing and beautiful environment. Relaxing, welcoming, and easy to interact, learn, and walk away with positivity and preparedness for birth and postpartum.


I would highly recommend this course with Tara Durkin. We found it so informative, interactive, empowering and enjoyable. It helped us to feel prepared for and in control of our first birthing experience, which was a beautiful experience as a result. Tara is very knowledgeable and warm-hearted and has a very inclusive and gentle approach to facilitating.


A wonderful in-depth antenatal course, and a great supportive network to be a part of.


Warm, friendly atmosphere, small group size. Tara was a great teacher, my husband and I really enjoyed the course. Highly recommend.