Birth Support

Would you like a doula on your birth support team?

Someone who . . .

  • Draws on her treasure trove of knowledge and experience to provide you with emotional, physical and informational support in pregnancy, labour and postnatally?
  • Accompanies you in labour, helping you have a safe and satisfying birth experience?
  • Is a member of your birth team, working independently of the hospital, whose sole job is to attend to your needs?
  • Explores your various options with you, sharing up-to-date information and evidence, enabling you to make your own decisions about the steps you would like to take, and then supports you in the choices you’ve made?
  • Helps you prepare for your baby’s birth and early parenting with evidence-based information and key skills and techniques that you and your partner can use?
  • Offers support and information in the first hours and weeks with your baby, such as helping you get breastfeeding off to a good start?

What does a doula not do? A doula is not trained to

  • Perform medical tasks, diagnose medical conditions or give medical advice.
  • Make decisions for you. I will help you get the information you need to make informed decisions.
  • Speak to the midwives or doctors on your behalf. I will be your sounding board, to discuss your concerns with you and explore options with you.

Would you like to hire me to be your doula?

I offer an initial free consultation, so you can decide whether I am the right doula for you. It’s so important that you feel 100% comfortable with the person you choose to support you in your birth. 

My birth doula care packages, starting at €850, are tailored to meet your individual needs. All packages include:
  • Two antenatal visits: I will meet with you and your partner at least twice antenatally to get to know you, to explore and discuss your priorities and any fears or concerns you may have, and to plan how we will work best together.
  • Phone/text/email support: Throughout pregnancy and until 6 weeks postpartum, I am available by phone, text or email.
  • On call for your birth from 38 weeks: I will be on call for your birth 24 hours/7 days a week from 2 weeks before your expected birthing date until your baby is born.
  • Labour support: Continuous emotional and physical support during labour, at home and in hospital, depending on your wishes.
  • Immediately after your baby is born, I will stay with you until you are comfortable and can support you with initial feeding.
  • A postnatal visit at your home on a day you request. I am also available by phone, text or email for ongoing support and to help answer any questions you might have.
You can add other services at a discounted rate to make up your individualised doula care package: